You can see these Dutch athletes at the games on Mondays and Tuesdays


07.33 Sailing, Medal Racing: 49er FX (f), Anemic Baking / Annette Duits, 49er (m) with Bart Lambreaux / Pim van Wukt

08.30 Track Cycling, Qualification: With Team Sprint (F), Shane Prospenninks and Lauren von Raison

11.30 Hockey, Quarterfinal (F): Netherlands-New Zealand

12.25 From Athletics: Femke Bol with Semifinal 200m (f), 400m (m), 400m Obstacles (f), Final 5000m (f), including Sifan Hassan *

12.30 Handball, Team Level (F): Netherlands-Montenegro

12.30 Coherent swimming, early round


02.45 From Athletics, First Round: 400m (f) including Like Clover, 200m (m) including Timer Burnett *

07.00 Water Polo: Quarterfinal (F) Netherlands-Hungary *

07.33 Lines: Finn (m), with Nicholas Heiner *

09.50 Track Cycling: Team Sprint (m) with Roy van den Berg, Mathieu Bechley, Jeffrey Hookland and Harry Laverson

11.42 Gymnastics, Tool Finishing: Horizontal Bar (m) with Bart Durlow

12.20pm Athletics: Polar Vault Final (m) with Menno Wool, Semifinal 200m (m), Final 200m (F) *

12.30 Synchronized swimming, opening round: Duet (F)

* = Perfect timing depending on tracks / qualifications

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