You don’t know this about space yet

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What do you think when you look at the sky? Are you also asking yourself what can be found in space? The space remains surprising, find out what you don’t know yet below.

Although space has been around for millions of years, it is impossible to uncover every new discovery. However, scientists are working day and night to solve these riddles.

Work in space

It has become possible to “live” in space since the year 2000. It is mainly the astronauts from the International Space Station (ISS) who do this. USS is a space station that orbits Earth. Various countries are involved in this, and studies are mainly done.

Absolute silence in space

There is no way in space to hear anything, because it is completely silent. The sound is caused by the vibrations of the air striking the eardrum. But there is no air in space, so the vibrations cannot propagate. This ensures that nothing is heard in the room.

The moon does not have a dark side

You may have heard it, some say the back of the moon is always dark. Unfortunately, this turns out to be incorrect: both sides of the moon receive the same amount of sunlight. The moon needs the same amount of time to circle the Earth once and on its axis. This is why we always see the same side of the Moon from Earth.

Celebrate your birthday on Venus almost every day

On Earth, we celebrate birthdays every 365 days: this is the time it takes our planet to circle the sun. If you love birthday parties, then Venus is the planet for you! It orbits the sun for 225 days and revolves on its own axis over a period of 243 days. Good news: This means that your birthday is on Venus day after day!

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The sun is not what it appears to be

Did the sun color yellow throughout your childhood? This turned out to be only partially true. The sun is made of a group of different colors: yellow, red, orange, green, blue, indigo, and violet. If you mix them together, you get white. White is the true color of the sun.

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