“You don’t organize a counterforce. This is what happens if democracy works well.”

“It was very disappointing,” Rutte said on Monday evening. News Hour Said former Christian Democrat Representative Kathleen Ferrier Speech makers. There were very few concrete proposals and I did not hear anything “radical”. “

Rutte joined in News Hour And he talks about “the desired new training and administrative culture and his role in that.” The outgoing prime minister himself said he came up with “radical” visions in advance. Ferrier criticizes the result of the interview. It ignores the two important points: the lack of confidence and the system of government that stands on its feet. “

According to Ferriere, who himself was a Member of Parliament for the CDA between 2002 and 2012, lecturer Marielle Tuybek put her finger on the sensitive area by continuing to ask questions about the debate on April 1. “Would we have been here without that photo of the National Ports Agency? Would we have been here if it hadn’t received oleongrin and hadn’t had to pack its things together?”

Governance culture

“To what extent is ROTA aware of what is fundamentally going on with the managerial culture in this country?” Asked Ferrier. “If you’re not deeply aware of it, then.” The leader of the largest party, These answers are not enough. And I think that’s what we saw. ”

“All of these tax officials aren’t bad people,” says Ferrer. “How can so many people see it go wrong with the benefits issue?” “DrThe problems in the administrative culture, the citizens ’lack of confidence in the government and vice versa, the erosion of institutions, the citizen who is no longer central.

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Greater than Rota alone

Ferrier says the problem is bigger than Rota alone. “The political system must look at itself. To what extent do we allow room for contradiction and does the House of Representatives function, and thus our democracy?”

Rutte’s idea of ​​appointing some sort of ombudsman as a mediator (“a club between cabinet and parliament helps citizens”) is not Ferrer’s solution. “It’s up to giving space. You don’t organize a counterforce. That is if democracy works well. You don’t invent a new class of government for that.”

Sitting for a long time

Ferrier also believes that politicians shouldn’t be sitting for too long. “DrYou see the consequences of this all over the world.I myself made way too after ten years in the room. Because I am convinced of this Democracy desperately needs new ideas and new winds. “

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