‘You’ fans laugh at Joe’s ridiculously long run in Season 4

The first part of You Season 4 has been streaming on Netflix since the beginning of this month. Part two will only follow in March, which means the hype around the series is now huge on social media. Of course, this also brings committed fans. Those fans have now taken a closer look at the hilarious details from the first installment. Joe (Penn Badgley)’s daily walk from university to the center would take a lot of time.

You he is back. Over a year and a half after the release of Season 3, it’s finally time for the first part of Season 4 at the beginning of this month. And in two weeks, on Thursday March 9 to be exact, we’ll find out how Joe fared after the thrilling episode five finale.

In anticipation of this part, fans are already looking for details in the previous episodes. This includes a lot of theories, but also a lot of funny discoveries. One such finding is how long Joe’s daily walk would take.

28 kilometers

About a year and a half after the third season You Now back to the fourth. We will not see Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) in the United States, but rather in Paris and later in London. There he began working as a professor at Darcy College. This university is located out of town, but is still a “perfect walk” to the center of personality.

“My campus and residence are on opposite sides of town, but I don’t mind walking,” says Joe. This statement was reason enough for the fans to see how long this rally would last. Answer: about 6 hours. The university is located in Surrey, a vast distance from central London.

He had to walk through Heathrow, Richmond and Notting Hill to finally reach his apartment in South Kensington. which is still up on the west side of town. He even made a stop at the series in Shoreditch, which could run up to 9 hours. The pedometer will certainly be pleased with it.

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