“You learn to defend by making mistakes” – Living to break through

fireman samBehaviour’, coach Pascal Posilos described what Alex Bangura did during the first leg against Utrecht. “I was trying to put out a fire,” Bangura laughs guilty. He knows that it was his own mistake that gave the opponent a chance to get back into the game. “I wanted to help my teammates avoid a cross, but that left Dovikas free behind my back to head.” Kambur was leading 0-2 at the time, but Utrecht won the match 3-2.

Bosschaart is usually Cambuur’s assistant, but he is currently replacing coach Henk de Jong, who has to deal with the matter easily due to a bag in his head. A few days into the match, he looked back and analyzed the moment with Bangura. But in reality he shouldn’t have told the left-back anything else. He had long known he had made a mistake: immediately when he saw 1-2 on Galgenwaard’s video screen. Once it was available on his phone, he would go through the match footage in detail. and again. and again. So he knows all the competition positions by heart. Boschart, who no longer deserves a left-back as a player, is no longer surprised. “Alex is a special boy, in the most positive sense of the word,” says the coach.

“Everything went very quickly with Alex, of course,” Buscharest tries to explain what went wrong. “He’s in the starting line-up, he’s doing a good job, he’s getting a lot of attention. Then you often see the players have a relapse, and they’re a little less severe. Even someone like Alex, is very serious about his profession. Now he has to show that he can get out of here again. .

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