You Must Watch These 10 New Movies And Series Next Week (Week 6)

Streamwijzer editors pick one each week top 10 from View tips to The best movies and series On streaming services in the Netherlands. You’ll find the story and trailer in the overview. This week’s overview includes titles from NetflixAnd Sky ShowtimeAnd HBO MaxAnd Amazon Prime VideoAnd + Apple TVAnd Pathé Home And across play. In this article you will find tips for Week 6 (February 6-12, 2023). Enjoy watching!

10x viewing tips for the best movies and series on streaming services in the Netherlands (in week 6 of 2023)

10. You (TV series, 4 seasons) – Netflix

Joe Goldberg returns to Netflix next week. This time with a beard, under the name Jonathan Moore and not in the US but in London. Here he built an entirely new life, but his eyes were still on Marienne. He. She Season four from a series of strikes You are Part 1 (episodes 1 through 5) is coming to Netflix on Thursday, February 9th. For Season 4b (episodes 6-10), you’ll have to wait until March 9th.

9. Jurassic World: Dominion (film, 2022) – SkyShowtime

She was one of them Most watched movies in 2022 And made over a billion dollars worldwide: Jurassic World: Dominion. This film brings together two generations of actors: Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard from the final trilogy, and Sam Neill, Laura Dern and Jeff Goldblum from the first. joking! The film previously appeared on Pathé Thuis and is From Thursday 9 February It can also be streamed on the new SkyShowtime video service.

8. All Those Breaths (film, 2022) – HBO Max

It all breathes It was nominated for an Academy Award in the Best Documentary Feature category and will be released on HBO Max on Wednesday, February 8th. We follow two Indian brothers, Saud and Nadeem, who are so determined to protect the black kite they have dedicated their lives to for over twenty years. The bird is essential to the ecosystem of New Delhi and everything associated with it. However, due to the increase in air pollution, it is becoming increasingly difficult to protect it.

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7. Someone I Used to Know (film, 2023) – Amazon Prime Video

You can know Dave Franco as an actor among other things Bad neighbors And Now you see me, but since 2020 he also focuses on directing films. On Friday, February 10, the new Romcom will be released Someone I used to know to Amazon Prime Video, where his wife, Alison Brie (social communication) plays the main role. She plays a workaholic Ally, who returns to her old hometown after a career setback and runs into her first love. His new girlfriend reminds her a lot of her old self, which makes her wonder about the person she is now.

6. Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile (film, 2022) – Pathé Thoise

Shawn Mendes sings The Stars of Heaven in the family musical Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile (in Dutch Is the crocodile). Canadian singer, known for hits like treat you better And Mercy, lends his voice to the crocodile Will. He is secretly staying at the home of the Primm family who have recently moved in, whose youngest son cannot settle into their new place of residence. They find a special friendship in each other. The movie features some brand new songs coming from the team that brought us before The greatest showman Brought, so that bodes well! You can watch it from Monday, February 6th on Pathé Thuis.

5. Walker: Independence (TV series, 1 season) – Viaplay

Series fans walker on viaplay? The prequel will be released on Tuesday, February 7th from the same makers Walker: Independence. The series is set in the 19th century and follows the life of Abe Walker. Her husband was killed before her eyes on a journey west, and now she is out for revenge. This expedition took her to Independence, Texas, where she came into contact with several residents.

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4. The Son (film, 2022) – Pathé Toys

from maker the father It appears in the year 2022 Son. Again, Anthony Hopkins has a role in the movie, but other than that it’s a whole new story. It is about a divorced father, Peter, who decides to bring his seventeen-year-old son home because he is not doing well. But could he really be a good father? Or at least a better father than his father for him? The main role is played by Hugh Jackman, who you may know from werewolf. The film will be shown on Pathé Thuis on Wednesday 8 February.

3. Clarkson’s Farm (TV series, 2 seasons) – Amazon Prime Video

Bought in June 2021 maximum speedJeremy Clarkson is a 1,000-acre farm in the English countryside. Not holding back at all due to his lack of cultivation knowledge, he decided to run it himself. We are included in this process. The first season of Clarkson Farm It was a huge hit and the series will be back on Amazon Prime Video next week. It’s Friday, the 10th of February.

2. Funny Woman (TV series, 1 season) – SkyShowtime

The book will be released on Friday, February 10th funny girl by Nick Hornby life in this series funny woman on Sky Showtime. We are back in the sixties, when Barbara Parker was elected Miss Blackpool. However, she decides she wants to get more out of life and leaves for London. There, after a series of setbacks, she auditions for a comedy show on TV, but as a woman in a man’s world, it turns out not to be so easy.

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1. Your Place or Mine (film, 2023) – Netflix

Finally, a brand new romcom is coming to Netflix starring Ashton Kutcher and Reese Witherspoon. it’s called your place or mine It can be seen from Friday, February 10th. We follow Debbie and Peter, best friends and opposites. She lives with her son in Los Angeles, loves routine and lives a somewhat bourgeois life, preferring to lay flowers outside in his hometown of New York. One day they decided to exchange lives for a week. Type Holiday, but different. joking!

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