‘You need to dye your hair’

This turns out to be the magic trick for Alexander Alban to get points: dye his hair red. Williams Driver picks up points for his new team back in Miami, so the car’s upgrades are useless: “You only have to dye your hair.”

On Thursday, Alban reappeared in Miami with red dyed hair. He already did it in Australia, which brought him luck: he got his first point for Williams. It went wrong again for the British mother who noticed that her red hair in Imola was already less red. So he decided he needed to repaint in Miami, and yes, he got two points in Miami (he was promoted to P9 after the race due to a time penalty for Fernando Alonso).

“No updates needed, just dye your hair”, Alban teases Sky Sports F1“Truth be told, we had speed all weekend. Qualification was a disorder, we were frustrated that we were eighteen. We stopped the race and overtook the cars in front of us.

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Like race winner Max Verstappen, Alban mentions that this is a physically tough race. “It was at the Singapore level,” Williams Driver compares. This is where the maximum temperature of the year is usually reached and drivers touch for almost two hours. “Pretty ruthless. You manage the tires and it gets harder if you push.

Anyway, Alban was happy with the end and his second points for Williams were over. “I feel like I’m performing better than I did a few years ago. I have formed a team around myself and have people close to me and Williams. I feel more experienced than ever and feel better than ever before. Williams is on the rise,” Alban said.

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Miami International Autotrome, United States of America – May 08: Alex Alban, Williams FW44, Miami International Autotrome on Sunday, May 08, 2022 in Miami, USA during the Miami GB. (Photo by Carl Bingham / LAT Images)

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