You really need to watch the underrated Netflix series

The Last Kingdom is one of the highest rated series on Netflix. But few people watch the series. We tell you why you should see it.

When you ask people to name good Netflix titles, people don’t often skip Breaking Bad, Stranger Things, and Narcos. However, there are many series that are worth reviewing, and which may not get the attention they deserve. One of them is definitely the Last Kingdom.

Netflix struggles with imagination

Netflix has been messing around for years to create a fanatical series that could rival Game of Thrones. This is what happened before Cursed and Shadow and Bone. Two titles are very long and predictable and we think it’s best not to start. The only really successful attempt so far is The Witcher, although there are some minor flaws in the beginning (unobvious switching between scenes). However, the series was excellent and we expect it to be released in the second season.

A series that looks somewhat in the same vein, but doesn’t get much attention from Netflix is ​​The Last Kingdom. Admittedly, there are no dragons and other magical creatures in it, but it’s a series with quite a few major battles, kingdoms and power struggles. Just like Game of Thrones, important characters in this series die and there are special plot twists every time.

Det is the last kingdom

The Last Kingdom is about Uhtred. He is the son of the governor of Beppanburg. When his father is killed in an invasion by the Danes, his uncle Ospert takes the throne and Uthred is captured by the Danes as slaves. He grew up among the Danes and thus earned a lot of respect from them. However, he later wanted to become the governor of Beppanburg. His uncle wants to prevent this and tries to kill him.

This story is just the beginning of Uthred’s adventure in The Last Kingdom. In his quest to reclaim Bebbanburg, a warrior must struggle through many power games, political struggles, and wars on both the Sasky and Danish sides. With Uthred facing both sides, there are many twists and turns in the plot that continue to amaze. We won’t tell you anything about the story because you just have to watch it.

The Last Kingdom Netflix
The series is full of adventure. (Image: Netflix screenshot)

Anders and the Vikings

If you have watched Vikings, you will get to know many characters like Ragnar and Ubba. However, there are some differences. In the Vikings, the Danish story comes to the fore, while in The Last Kingdom, the Sascan story is more prevalent. In addition, the last series has more fiction, while the Vikings focus more on real historical events.

Since The Last Kingdom in particular is more fictional, the makers could get more off the beaten track. The great thing about the series is that characters die regularly, just like Game of Thrones. So sometimes you will be surprised how the story unfolds. There are also characters who really hate them and are sitting on the couch cheering when they die. The opposite is the case when a beloved character dies. The series plays with your emotions.

good reviews

We’re not the only ones who love the series. The title managed to score 91 percent rotten tomatoes among critics and 96 per cent among the public. On IMDb Score 8.4. However it is a series that is not much talked about and Netflix gives it very little promotion.

The Last Kingdom Netflix
Major battles happen regularly. (Image: Netflix screenshot)

Underrated by Netflix itself

There are several reasons why Netflix is ​​not showing the series. It is not a real Red N original. The series is originally from the BBC and co-produced by Netflix. Production has been entirely in the hands of the streaming service only since the third season. So Netflix couldn’t show it as a major original right from the start. The impact of Netflix is ​​now clearly visible. The scenes are a little bloodier.

Another reason is the actors. A significant part of the cast consists of novice actors who have not yet played in many series. So there is no fuss about the fame of the names. However, the cast puts in a really great performance and it’s all believable.

However, it is also about BBC rights. In some countries (including the United Kingdom and the Netherlands) it has been agreed that the BBC may broadcast The Last Kingdom first. In our country it was via BBC First.

The Last Kingdom Netflix
Uthred hopes to acquire Bebbanburg. (Image: Netflix screenshot)

Season 5 info

Four seasons have now been released and the fifth series has now been fully filmed. It’s expected to be released in 2022. If you haven’t watched the series yet, you know what we’re going to say: Turn on Netflix.

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