You will truly get a holiday feel on this Cheveningan terrace with swimming pool

Schweinning did not stand at the end of North Boulevard. We found a wonderful place behind Hotel Carlton Beach. There you can enjoy your drink in the pool, it looks like you are on vacation! “I have been doing what I wanted for 26 years,” says owner Edwin Pijlstra.

It’s still too early when we’re at the gates of the Oscars. Beach season begins again, so Edwin rolls up his sleeves to clear his space.


Luxury bath Scheveningen was in this place, before Zwarte Bad. The servants at the pool did everything they could to entertain the guests. Even before that, beach carriages were here. These were pulled by horses and the rich were taken to sea. There was not much to see in that luxury in the early 1990s, but then came Edwin.

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“I often visit Oscar Beach Bar during a vacation in Australia. That’s the only beach bar there and the beautiful place to always party. When I got my hands on this Scheveningen piece, I immediately knew what to name it. Oscar! ”


Edwin wants to show us his career: “I’m been doing what I’m wanted for 26 years and not everyone can say it.” We are allowed to photograph everything, but do not have to shoot it on camera if necessary. Two years ago he went big AD With the story of his disabled toilet, not every beach bar in Schwarzenegger has one. “I was shocked when I was in the photo. I didn’t have to.”

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Everyone can come here for a drink or something to eat, but often the tent is rented out. Businesses, interiors, weddings and fashion shows often pass here. But there is no event if you are lucky and you can sit on the terrace. There is even a private spot in the hills, ‘Paul van Wilde Landze’ will take you there. And the pool? It is not officially allowed to swim in the lap for the show, as there is no lifeguard.

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