Your First Motorcycle: Top 4 Best Models To Choose From

Every year the popularity of two-wheeled vehicles is only increasing. We are seeing more and more riders appear on the roads who are not ready to stand in traffic jams. Especially in large cities, where a car may not be a good choice for speed lovers, a motorcycle can give you an advantage on the road, as well as demonstrate its leadership in maneuverability and high speeds.

Those for whom sports cars are a must-have know that in ordinary life it is difficult to experience a powerful iron horse without violating the road traffic regulations. In this regard, many refuse to buy such a vehicle and use the services of exotic car rentals Dubai. In this city, car rentals are ready to please every driver with a huge number of super-powerful and high-speed models for hire. Car rental specialists will provide first-class service, as well as tell you about places where you can try exotic cars.

If you are determined to buy your first motorcycle, which will give you freedom on the road and in motion, then you should seriously consider choosing the right model. In this article, we will talk about some models that will be a great choice for beginners.


You need to think about what you will buy your first motorcycle for and where you plan to ride it. Motorcycles and bikes are not the same as comfortable cars where there is a higher level of safety. Therefore, when making your first purchase, you should not buy a powerful vehicle that you will not be able to handle later. To get started, you need to choose a simple option so that you adapt and gain experience.

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Here are the best and most reliable vehicles that have proven themselves among riders:


Those who are well acquainted with this German automaker know that once driving a BMW, it will be difficult to pay attention to other brands since the manufacturer places special emphasis on reliability, safety, and comfort.

This motorcycle will be the best choice for those who plan to ride it in urban traffic. It has a comfortable fit that is an advantage for beginners, an anti-lock system that will prevent the wheels from locking when braking, and economical fuel consumption. In addition, this model is distinguished by high-quality components. Moreover, if needed, all parts can be found easily, and at a reasonable price.

Honda CB650F

Those who are already more or less confident about buying a motorcycle should pay attention to this model, which is also great for urban realities. It is powerful enough and if it is combined with its small dimensions and weight, then all lovers of high speeds will be able to appreciate this model.

It is worth paying special attention to its design because here you can appreciate the minimal presence of unnecessary plastic, which is expensive. This makes this motorcycle more aggressive and brutal in appearance.

Kawasaki Vulcan S

This vehicle has all the characteristics of a reliable cruiser that is perfect for everyday comfortable use. It has a small size, as well as a calm character, which is suitable for all beginner riders.

What’s more, many will appreciate the fact that you don’t have to put much effort into pressing the throttle. This model is especially popular, which means that all the necessary parts can be found in any specialty store.

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Kawasaki Ninja 300

The first thing that will attract every beginner is the chic design. This model is available in a variety of vibrant colors that will surely make you stand out on the road. At the same time, you will be pleased with the capacity of the fuel tank, which will allow you to drive more than 350 kilometers with a full tank.


When choosing your first motorcycle, you should be guided by the fact that you need to get the first experience, so do not choose powerful vehicles. Instead, focus on convenience and reliability.

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