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North scene

In the run up to the World Games kicking off today, there were earlier this week Radio 1 Hear a report on polo. From the words of brothers Jochem and Stivo Högerle of Venlo: “In a few seconds you have to go from attack to defense and back to attack, the dynamics in the game make polo very challenging physically, but very short and powerful.” Their characterization of the sport immediately explains its rise among young people. It’s the winning combination: water, north scenery and the ship you have to steer.

Scare safely from a distance

In the unprecedented summer issue of Kanomagazine, which appeared this week, I commented on the story of the man paddling alone with his canoe across the Suriname River through the Suriname jungle. It is 480 km long. The descriptions of the lurking caiman, eels writhing in surface waters, and schools of piranhas make it a great read to be able to venture out and shiver.

Your drawing machine is out of the wall

Beachclub MEER in Winterswijk owns the first SUP rental fund in the Netherlands. this support yourselfIt works a bit like a fibo machine for take out. You can withdraw the supboard at any time. Not by paying the euro in the slot, but by booking online. You can do it quite easily: scan the code, pick your time, open the locker, get your board and enjoy the water. This eliminates the two main drawbacks of water sports: the purchase and transportation of materials. Watersportverbond is watching this development closely. what do you think?

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Knoeperds boating opportunities

Watersportverbond’s chief sports director, Serge Kats, had a so-called sailing ship’s birthday this week (the word says it all; a birthday celebrated on a sailboat on the water). It turns out when they leave that they are far from alone. It was teeming with boats. “Two things,” Serge suggested at our meeting: “How are we going to manage this? What else can we do for sailing ships?” Questions that go beyond mere sailing ships, are getting busier on the water.

The world’s largest sports game store chain is located in water sports

In my digital mailbox, I received a brochure for the French store brand this week Decathlon† Enthusiastic title: “Find out the water sports that work for you.” With a variety of different water sports and products at attractive prices. Thus, access to water sports is gaining momentum.

Night and evening kayaking

Over a cup of coffee at the Rowing Association, we discussed the rapidly growing demand for light and illumination in canoes and paddle boats. You used to come in when it got dark, and now you go outside.

Life is fun.


Arno van Gerven is the Director of the Royal Dutch Aquatics Association. Each week discusses current topics in water sports. Do you want to reply? Do so at [email protected]

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