May 25, 2024


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Yvette Broch is back in choosing Orange Handball | After more than two and a half years of sport

Yvette Broch is back in choosing Orange Handball |  After more than two and a half years of sport

National coach Emmanuel Mayonadi has included the 30-year-old circuit player in selection for a three-nation tournament in Croatia, where he will play Orange in mid-April in preparation for the Olympics. Besides Croatia, Brazil is also an opponent. After the two matches, the team will continue training in Papendal until April 21.

Brooch retired from Best Handball in Summer 2018 because she said she was exhausted physically and mentally. However, last fall, she began training again in Metz, France, where Mayonady is also the coach. At the start of this year, she indicated to Mayonnade that he would be there again if he wanted to call her at Orange.

Broch has previously played 118 international matches for the Dutch women’s handball team. With Orange, Broch won a silver in 2015 and bronze in the World Cup in 2017.

Beginning at the end of June, handball players will have a familiar face on the staff. Debbie Klein, who was the goalkeeper coach for Orange in the past, will hold the position again until the Olympics. Klein himself has played 120 international matches for the Dutch national team.

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