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Former actress Yvonne Coldvier, 35, who has made a name for herself this year with her celebrity vloggers, said she was at times on the verge of being overly tired in 2021. Although critics sometimes dismiss her work as gossip no Unfounded, however, she sees it as a business she takes “deadly seriously”. Combined with the jewelry line, it has become almost too much.

This is written by Caldwyer, formerly best known for her role as Kate in Telekidson her Instagram Stories. She looks at her first year as a gossip YouTuber and wants to make things right.

Often the channels are like Yvonne juice channels called where juice Stands for exciting news. Coldeweiger prefers to call her videos a “behavioral analysis” of Dutch stars. She wants to be a detective and “tell stories” to her 274,000 followers on Instagram and 150,000 subscribers on YouTube.

She enjoys it, but it’s just not fun. juiceChannels used to be a private affair of the Internet audience, but in recent months, rumors have repeatedly reached the serious media. Rumors of alleged misconduct by Marco Borsato spread across gossip Information from Yvonne led to Showbiz media waiting for the missing Andre Hazes in Schiphol.

Attention is important to Yvonne, who is asking for money for gossip that you share exclusively via the Telegram app. But it also has drawbacks. “I have a lot of hate,” Caldwire wrote. She takes it for granted, because: “Having to pay your salary is one of the most stressful things you can imagine.”

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André Hazes and Sarah van Soelen were Yvonne’s favorite topic this year. © BrunoPress / David Heukers

She gets a portion of her income from her jewelry line, but the “epoch” takes so much time that she’s had to choose between stopping or investing. I did the latter and have attracted people who will largely deal with the jewelry trade ever since. She hopes for more peace and plenty of room for more gossip in 2022.

After a sometimes difficult year, she thanks her fans: ‘Thank you, I was able to create this fun job and I’m challenging every day to get the best of myself. I wouldn’t have done this without your smile, love and support.

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