Zaanstad is still unhealthy – hurricane

Zaanstad is the second most unhealthy municipality in the Netherlands. Especially in the field of green outdoor spaces, the built environment and the environment, the municipality scores poorly compared to other large cities. Only Rotterdam is still unhealthy.

Compared to the same measurement two years ago, Zaanstad is up one place – and the scores are also slightly better on average than in 2020. Then the municipality ranked 20th out of 20 large municipalities, now 19th. This year there are also 5 additional cities taking part in the search. They also score better than Zaanstad.

This emerged from a study conducted by engineering firm Arcadis.

Zaanstad is located roughly at the bottom of the “Healthy Outdoor Space”, just above Amsterdam. This means that compared to other big cities, there is very little green space and space for children to play outside. Despite campaigns such as “Stonebreak” and “Tegelwippen”, Zaanstad does not seem to be able to improve this part (the results of these campaigns are not made public by the municipality either).

The municipality performs well in the ‘healthy built environment’ (ranked 16th) in relation to the space in the city, whether the municipality is clean and whether facilities – especially health care – are accessible.

In the field of “healthy environment”, the fourteenth place was achieved. Air quality (nitrogen and particulate matter), disturbances and heat stress are taken into account here. Zaanstad scores below average in all aspects.

Zaanstad ranks 12th for “Mobility”, with cities that reduce the number of cars and offer plenty of space for cyclists, pedestrians and public transport receiving high scores. Safe cycling routes and 30km within built up areas is a plus.

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Only in the “healthy community” is Zaanstad in the left row (rank 9). It relates to safety, recreation, sports, exercise and meeting facilities in public places.

Below is the summary in one image. For all five components, the 2022 average is indicated by the red dotted line. Zaanstad, for example, scores below average on all four components of a healthy environment. The municipality averaged two components for healthy outdoor space, but scored very low on “usable green space”.

Arcadis Research is Download here. Read also: Zaanstad is more correct (November 2020)

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