Zebra Pinch loves the desert – early birds

Many people know them as pets. It is also one of the most studied birds in scientific laboratories. But little is known about the ecology and behavior of forests. Although zebra finches can only be found in cages here, the bird can survive in the most extreme conditions in the jungles of Australia. Hugo Loning, a biologist at Wageningen University, has been fascinated by zebrafish for many years. For his PhD research, he discovered that the bird in the forest sings differently than it has ever known.

It is not yet clear why zebra finches sing in the woods. Loning discovered that birds sing very softly. Zebra in laboratory cages is much softer than singing pinches. The big question is what is the reason for this difference. It is noteworthy that in Australia men continue to sing even after women have chosen a mate. Loning, among other things, plays a role in communicating about reproduction, but also has social functions beyond that. He also found that zebra finches sing more in places where they congregate. Also, experiments in the wild show that on average zebra finches can only hear each other at a distance of nine meters.

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