Zeeland Amazon begins the battle for the World Cup in Lyon | Sports in Zeeland

Amazon Zeeland Dinga van Lier and Thamar Zwistra will kick off the World Cup season next weekend. The two are engaged in Lyon.

The World Cup season consists of a series of major competitions. Last weekend was the first in Aarhus, but they passed Van Lier and Zoestra. In France they enter the ring with Hermès and Hexagon’s Ich Weiss respectively.

Van Lier, coming from Capel, is sixth in the world rankings. She is number three in the last World Cup Finals, but she did not race in the World Cup Final. Zoestra, who lives in Chur and is ranked 40th in the FEI rankings, made his debut in the spring of 2022 in the final fight. She was the only Dutch woman there at the time.

In Lyon, Amazon Zeeland can already earn points for ranking. The best will eventually qualify for the World Cup final in the United States.

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