Zeewolde highlights the reach of a high-band data center

With the development of the business park Tractor field 4 The municipality of Zeewolde in Flevoland is taking a new step into the future, incl Datapark Includes creating a large data center. It is not known which company it will be. Some of the active sorting tools are Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GPC), Apple, and Facebook.

He. She The new district extends from the current Trekkersveld 3, Gooiseweg and Knardijk to Hoge Vaart.“The business area and data pool provide a space for local, national and even international companies to prove themselves with us or to grow their businesses further. This is how we connect together. Towards more knowledge, on the way to more work. A space for entrepreneurship, with an emphasis on landscape. And the cooler nature, with opportunities for new forms of energy use, ”the municipality stated.

In the fall of 2019, an American high-tech company was asked to the municipality of Zeewolde about the possibility of creating a campus with a data center in Zeewolde. Municipal Reports: “The municipality started working on this application and, in cooperation with the initiator, explored possibilities for expanding the current business complex and providing space for the data collector. 166 hectares have been allocated to the data collector in the zoning plan. 5 data halls will be built with supportive facilities around them, such as administration, logistics and services. “Water purification and a sub-power station. The external area of ​​the data collector will be provided with a lot of green areas and water features, with the aim of preserving the boulder landscapes and nature.”

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On the creation of a new data center, the municipality reports that “the initiator has the intention to establish a super-scale data center in the Netherlands, whereby a plot of land in Gooiseweg (N305) of about 166 hectares has been selected immediately after the planned expansion of Trekkersveld. The purpose of the plot is Development of the campus on which the data center will be located, including associated facilities, internal access roads, green facilities and water.
A high voltage connection is used for campus power supply. The campus zoning plan also allows an inlet and outlet for the cooling water system. In addition, a pipeline will be installed to reuse the heat generated from the data center. The possibilities for reuse of residual heat are still being investigated in a separate process. “

Read more details about Trekkersveld 4 and its data center Here.

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