Zeland Adrian in Australia is a proud grandmother (without children)

Becoming an Australian grandparent at a young age is not so strange, says Adrian. “In Australia, people usually have little younger children, so it’s not very special here.” Mother and daughter are fine. “Yeah, they’m healthy, so they’m fine. That girl’s name is Aria.”

The brand new grandparents still couldn’t celebrate together because of the work that Ben had to do on the road they were building. “We talked on the phone,” Adrian says. “I told him the birth was near.” They are going to see the baby next Friday. Fortunately, his aunt lives nearby 300 kilometers away.

Zeeland Adrian has become a grandmother

Every week we talk in the radio section Abroad Zeeland With a former province living in another country. Adrian Werberg from Courtesy moved to Australia in early 2016. A trip was planned, but once in Australia she decided to meet and stay with her current partner. He currently resides at Fraser Range Station in Western Australia, where they have a contract business, a camp with a large ranch and restaurant.

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