‘Ziggo Sport loses Formula 1 broadcast rights to Scandinavian party’

According to Chris Wirts, Formula 1 will not be offered in Ziggo Sport from 2022. An educated sports marketer usually states that a Scandinavian party has lost the broadcast rights.

To be able to broadcast Formula 1 pics, you have to spend a lot of money as a broadcaster. Television rights to the world’s largest motorsport cost a little. In the Netherlands, those rights have been in the hands of Ziggo Sport for years, with Olaf Molle, Jack Pluij and Rick Winkelmann providing the comment. However, this appears to be about to change. According to Chris Wirts North Entertainment Group It will be played with the broadcast rights from next season.

New TV channel

“There have been negotiations over the past month about Formula 1 television broadcasting rights, for the period of next season,” Woerts Insiders usually reveals on Monday evening. Veronica is inside. “As it now appears, it will be announced on Thursday that they are going to a new party.”

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According to Woerts, it has Scandinavian residents North Entertainment Group The winning bid has been submitted for First Class broadcasting rights. This company plans to create a new platform, which should be equivalent to ESPN / Ziggo Sport. “We get another channel. They have already bought other rights. They have already bought the Bundesliga, and I understand that they are going to move away from RTL. We are actually getting a whole sports channel.”

Thirty million a year

According to Woerts, RTL is bidding in excess of 10 million and TU displaying 15 million annually. However, both parties were reportedly informed within an hour that they had bid very little. “Amazon was there, along with Ziggo and the Nordic Entertainment Group. It ended up selling it for more than 30 million a year.”

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Wertz himself doubts that Olaf Mull and Jack Pluij will simply go for the new platform, because they are so closely related to him. For now, Ziggo Sport has not yet responded to this news.

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