Zinchenko is back in Holland and Eindhoven is still grateful for him

Oleksandr Zinchenko is fondly considering returning to his season in Eindhoven. “This year it has given me a really strong boost,” he said on Saturday at a press conference for Ukraine’s first match in the European Championship against the Dutch national team. “I got to know European football there. I keep precious memories of that period.”

The 24-year-old Zinchenko did not become a regular fixture at Eindhoven as a mercenary from Manchester City. The left-back even had to regularly participate with Jung Eindhoven. Coach Pep Guardiola now considers him as his first choice at City. With Zinchenko often in the ranks, the team won the national title. The left-back was also a key player two weeks ago during the Champions League final loss to Chelsea (0-1).

Zinchenko, who regularly plays as a midfielder for the Ukraine national team, admitted: “After that defeat, I was completely devastated. It was the most difficult period of my career. This final could have made our season even more beautiful.” “Soon after I stopped playing football, I would be proud to have played that final. But the focus is now entirely on the European Championship. I play where the national coach needs me. I don’t play for myself but for our people. To make you proud.”

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