Zoetermeer Dagblad | The old control center Scheveningen almost on the ground

The demolition of the old control center in Scheveningen is about to begin. A new power plant is being built on the site. The commissioning of the new complex is scheduled for the end of 2023.

The new building will be used to supervise shipping, as well as monitor and operate tunnels, bridges and barriers in The Hague. The current building in Adriaan Maasplein is old and does not have enough space for all functions.

Because expansion is not possible, a new building will be built in its place. This will also include the operation and monitoring of the new Victory Boogie Woogie Tunnel in The Hague.

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Room for ex-hunters

The new control center will be located where the old control center is now, at the end of Scheveningen Street and at the harbour. The design of the new building is reminiscent of a naval ship’s wheelhouse. From the top floor of the building there is a good and unobstructed view of the sea. This is important to be able to direct freight traffic.

Previous fishermen were also thought of. In the new building on the ground floor there will be a space where they can meet. Just like in the current Control Center.

Photo: Martin Rilling

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