Zoeterwoude greenhouses make way for homes and nature

(Photo: Chris de Ward).

The greenhouses in Weidelaan and Papeweg in Zoeterwoude-Dorp may be demolished to make way for homes and a meadow area for birds. Alderman Ton de Gans and project developers NU and Granneman Projectontwikkeling agreed to this on Thursday.

There is room for 22 homes on the site of the greenhouse complex in Weidelaan. “We want a spacious country scheme with water and greenery around this, so that a natural transition is created from the village to the meadows in the countryside,” says de Jans.

The councilman was pleased with the stated intention: “The housing shortage is great. At Zoeterwoude we believe it is important to provide good housing. With this interpretation of living, there will be enough green space on Weidelaan to create a pleasant area.”

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The old greenhouses at Papeweg give way to a meadow area for birds. The area west of the village becomes an open meadow where the meadow birds find enough food and raise their young.

The intention is not to build homes in the short term. “This is the first step. This is followed by a participatory process in which we discuss plans and their wishes with the local residents. The zoning plan has to be amended, the city council has to agree, in short, it will take some time. There will be no construction next year,” De Jans warns.

Home seekers and those interested in developments on Weidelaan can contact us via special site Subscribe to the project newsletter.

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