ZV Belterwiede of Wanneperveen holds Dutch ILCA Masters Championship at Ascension Weekend

On Ascension weekend – from Thursday 18th to Sunday 21st May – ZV Belterwiede will hold the ILCA Masters Dutch Open (formerly Laser Masters) on behalf of the ILCA class for the Dutch region. More than 120 sailors from 12 countries take part in this prestigious four-day event in Beulakerwijde.

In addition to the many participants from European countries, sailors from Argentina, Brazil and the United States also appear. Within Wednesday the first sailors will reach Beulaekerhaven on the Veneweg. On Thursday morning, the last sailors can register and the boats are ready.

blue banner

After the official opening, around noon on the day of Ascension, participants will start at 1pm – spread over 4 days – in a series of no fewer than 10 one-hour matches. On the closing Sunday, the one who can call himself a champion and thus be entitled to the blue flag will be drawn up.

Given the wide spread in age – the youngest sailors are just 30 and the oldest 80 – sailing is done with larger and smaller sail areas. The boat itself has not changed. Given the experience with previous editions, the organizing committee knows that competitions can be very exciting and that intense concentration is required. Every inch counts in the end. The race leader is Dirk Evers.

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