Zwartemeer’s Reborn Hurry-Up finally plays an excellent match again and leaves Bevo at Panningen without a chance

The seemingly reborn and well-played JD Techniek tackled the Pifu with a hopeless loss 28-24 on a Saturday night in Panningen.

The Zwartemekers, who have lost multiple times in recent weeks, have finally shown that they can play handball again. Hurry-Up now almost plays the entire game against Bevo, who had previously lost out in droves. Only at the start of the match the Limburgers managed to keep up, but from 5-5 it was Drenten who built the incremental lead.

Backed by excellent coverage and excellent goalkeeper Boris Tut, Hurry-Up took the full lead. Pifo, who was in the race for second in the standings and thus the finals for the Dutch title in a win-win situation, suffered greatly from Hurry-Up’s strong defense. As Bevo lost a lot of the ball, Hurry-Up became more dangerous offensively. It mainly happened through Thiago Azenha and René Jaspers, who became the top goalscorers with six goals.

Swellman felt better about himself

Also, Captain Ronald Swellman, who scored four times, was clearly much better in his complexion than he has been in recent weeks. “Mister Hurry-Up”, who, like goalkeeper Sven Hemmes, has stopped after this season, repeatedly with a Bevo cover. After an excellent first half by Drenthe, this led to a 19-13 lead in the first half.

In the second half, the level deteriorated slightly, but Bivo was unable to turn the game in his favor. So, Hurry-Up caught the reins pretty tightly defensively, while continuing to record what he had to do. Bivo couldn’t narrow the gap to less than four goals. Soon there were five or six more in favor of Hurry-Up.

Certainly out of victory

Drenton was sure of an early victory in what coach Jupp Figuig described as the best match of the season in the HandbalNL League. The home team tried to squeeze a little in the final stage with an attacking cap, but that had little effect. Bernie Vermeer threw 28-23 at Bivo, after which Nick Jordanes managed to react. But it didn’t become exciting until the last whistle.

Hurry-Up jumped over Volendam to fourth in the standings, but North Hollanders still had game tally. Pivot remained in third place due to the defeat and it was no longer possible to overtake second-placed Alesmeer of the Limburgers with one remaining round of competition. Leader Lions and Aalsmeer will contest the Finals of the Dutch Championship.

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